Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening Information

There are three types of cancer screenings available in the UK.

Cervical Screening

This is performed at your GP surgery, or other local hubs by a Practice Nurse. Women are required to have this done every three years from the age of 25-49 years and every five years from 50-64.

These timescales may differ if you have had abnormal smears in the past or had a hysterectomy. Please talk to our nurse if you have queries about this. For more information on screening, click on the link below. – When you’ll be invited

Breast Cancer Screening

The link below has information for services in West London. The age range for recall is 50 to 70 years, however please note that your first appointment at 50 years may be anytime between 50-53 years. – Screening appointments

More information: – Breast cancer

If you are not in this age range, but have concerns regarding changes in your breast, please call the surgery and arrange an appointment with your GP.

Bowel Screening

For the latest news on screening for bowel cancer, see the link below. Currently, the age for screening is 60-74 years of age, but this is soon changing to include patients aged 50-59 years.

The Practice sends out reminders to those patients who receive screening kits. If patients have lost their kit and need a replacement, let us know so we can order you a new one to be sent to your home address. – Bowel Cancer Screening